I’m Kristine and problem-solving is my passion.

This site was born out of solving my visa application problems for my solo Eurotrip. I did my research, put all of my requirements together, and voila! I got an approved visa. I know many people out there also faced (and continue to face) the same dilemma I had and so I put together this website to help them with their visa applications. I give advice to people about their applications and I also write cover letters and prepare itineraries for them.

Aside from visa application advice, I also give tips and tricks about travel like what apps to use, how to ride the metro, and reviews about the places I’ve stayed. I also give suggestions for activities you can add to your trip, as well as recommendations on travel passes that you can use to help make your trip stress-free.

I am working full time as an information systems auditor but I am also an aspiring web developer. Right now, I’m studying coding with TeamTreehouse and working on mini projects to practice what I’ve learned. I love working with technology and solving problems using it. I know I still have a long way to go but I’m taking steps to be an infopreneur/ web developer helping women entrepreneurs and small businesses take advantage of connecting to the world using the Internet.

  • I am from sunny Philippines! But I trace my roots back to Spain through my great-great-great grandfather, Olegario Camins, who sailed from Barcelona to Zamboanga. I think I got my love of travel from him.
  • I love making lists, just like this one!
  • I am an introvert.
  • I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid.
  • I love dogs and horses and I am absolutely terrified of anything cold-blooded.
  • Reading is one of my hobbies and I’ve recently taken a liking to audiobooks.
  • I got sorted into Slytherin House on Pottermore. Whoops! 😀 #slytherinandproud
  • I have a passion for languages. So far, I know basic Spanish, bits of Italian, French, Korean, and Japanese, and I am fluent in both Filipino and English. And now I’m also learning how to speak HTML, CSS, and Javascript!
  • I am a survivor of two knee surgeries. I’ve got bionic knees now and feel like a superhero.