Applying for the Schengen visa is a tedious task. Not only do you have to gather various document requirements, but you also have to write a Schengen visa cover letter. Now, what is this cover letter all about?

What is the Schengen Visa cover letter?

The Schengen visa cover letter is a letter written by the visa applicant and it is addressed to the embassy where the applicant will be submitting his/her visa application documents.

What are the contents of the Schengen visa cover letter?
The letter has the following contents:

  • Your purpose for traveling to the Schengen member state/s
  • A high-level overview of your itinerary to support your justification for applying for the visa in that particular embassy (to know where you have to apply for the Schengen Visa, click HERE)
  • How your trip is going to be funded (e.g. your own funds, you have a sponsor)
  • If in case you will have a sponsor, an explanation of your relationship with him/her and why they will sponsor your trip
  • In case you are unable to submit certain document requirements, you can write about the reasons why you are unable to submit them and what alternative documents you presented
  • Your intent of returning to your home country (you can include this in your cover letter but there are people who have asked me to write a separate letter of intent to return to better explain their rootedness to their home country)

Why is a Schengen Visa cover letter important?
This letter is very important because it is your way to communicate with the embassy officer who will process your application. Some embassies, such as the Spanish Embassy and the French Embassy, have now employed the services of VFS to collect the visa application documents and to release the passports of the applicants. With this kind of system, you are no longer given the opportunity to talk to the embassy officer to explain your side. The embassy officer will make a decision based on the documents you have submitted, including your cover letter. If there is anything you feel that you need to say to the embassy officer in order to secure an approved visa, the cover letter is the way to say it. That is why it is important for you to be able to write a compelling, honest cover letter.

For some people, writing such a formal letter to support their visa application is a challenge. You know all that you have to say, they are all in your head. But for some reason, you can’t form them into cohesive paragraphs that will truly express what you want.

If it’s help you need, it’s help I can give.
I’ve been at this “freelance” visa consulting scene for three years now. I have given out visa advice and wrote countless of cover letters for visa applicants. But it’s been difficult to keep track of all the writing jobs I needed to do. So I decided to launch my writing services gig over at Fiverr.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, why should I trust this woman with my visa application?”, here’s what other people, who have successfully applied for a visa, have to say.

Hiie Kristine!

With all your help, i successfully got my visa few day back.. ill be travelling in june.
Thanks for all the help Kristine!!

God bless
Swati from India


Hello again Kristine

So I just wanted to come back and say a big thank you for al your help,,you help with all your heart,for that,may the almighty GOD bless you abundatly,may you never lack a thing,for all the kindness,amy you receive it back tenfold

I got my visa approved,as I type this, I am now in swden, I applied for my schengen visa to sweden on 11th march 2015,got my passport back with my visa stamped in 27th march and I travelled on 28th


Hi Kristine,
Greetings to you. Thank you so much for all the valuable information that you have provided here. Each and everything was helpful especially the cover letter templates. I applied for a Schengen tourist Visa – Austria and got my Visa today. I didn’t go through any travel agency though I am applying for a Visa for the first time, I just followed some instructions here and done all the paper works properly and it really did worked out. Thank you for all your efforts in helping out people like me. God Bless !!!

Amore Samraj

Hi Kristine,

Just want to share that we got our 1 month multiple entry Schengen Visa. Thank you! This blog is very useful in applying visa in Schengen area and UK.


kristine! Im just sooo happy. Finally got my visa! 1 month. Thanks for the question and answer portion on your blog hahaha


Goodmorning kristine! I just want to share you my happiness.. After 2 working days, I got my visa! Well it’s for tourism purposes only that’s why i think the processing was really fast! I had my interview last friday then yesterday (tuesday) i picked it up..

Thank you for keeping my sanity during the weekend, :) God bless!


Hello Kristine! I am so excited to inform you that my visa got approved! Yey! Thank you for all your support. Your blog has been very helpful in the entire application process! In fact, I am still reading the rest of the posts as I am still working on my itinerary. Anyway, more power to you and Godbless! :)


Those are only some of the testimonials I have received from the people I have been very fortunate to help. You can find these testimonials in the comments sections of my various visa posts. I did not make them up. 🙂

So, what would it cost you to have me write your cover letter?

$5. Just $5.

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I will make sure that you get every penny’s worth of your $5. I will be sending you your letter in Word format so you can also make your own edits if you want to.

What are you waiting for?

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