One of the requirements is a Schengen visa flight booking. A flight booking is simply a reservation with the airline of your choice for the flights that you plan on taking. The airline will provide you your flight details via email but will not charge you yet. The airlines will also give you a deadline for the payment of the flights you booked/reserved with them. In addition to that, applicants are cautioned by the Embassy/Consulate to not purchase their plane tickets until their visa application has been approved.

For my Schengen visa application, I got my flight booking from Cathay Pacific. Here’s a step-by-step procedure that you can follow:

  1. Google for the websites of the various airlines you are considering for your trip. Compare flight prices, travelling times, and flight duration. However, if your purpose is merely for visa application, then just visit any airline site.
  2. Search for flights for your travel dates and take note of the flight numbers and times. Get the contact details of the airline you chose for the flight booking. You can find their telephone numbers in their “Contact Us” or any similar page in their site.
  3. Give the airline a call and give their reservations officer the flight numbers you took note of. You will be asked to provide a valid email address where your flight details will be sent. You will also be given the deadline on which payment for the flights booked must be made.
  4. Check your email and print the flight booking that has been emailed to you by the airline company.
  5. Print the email. That is what you will submit to Embassy for your application.

Once you have your visa already, you may already cancel the flight booking you made by calling the airline again. That is if the flight you book isn’t really the flight you plan to take. But if you will be taking the flight you book then make sure you pay for it on or before the deadline that was given to you.

I was able to make the flight booking by calling the airline and not via their website. When you buy the tickets through the website, you have to pay for it already, unlike merely securing a booking via a phone call.

TAKE NOTE: You do not need to give your credit card details when booking for a flight by calling the airline of your choice. BOOKING FLIGHT RESERVATIONS IS FREE if you do it on your own. If you need the services of a travel agent, you will have to pay the agent a fee but the flight remains free.

In the end, I just let the deadline for the payment of the flight booking pass and opted to buy the tickets online to save myself the $20 charge when buying from the ticketing office.

If you don’t want to book for the free flights on your own and you want to get the services of a travel agent, one of my blogger friends, DJ Yabis, wrote about how to book flight reservations with him. You can find more information about it on his blog: How to Book Roundtrip Flight Reservation for Visa Application Without Paying for the Actual Flight. Please take note that while the flight reservation is FREE, the services of the travel agency are NOT FREE. You will need to pay 20 Euros to get your free flight reservation.

Do you know of any other airlines that give a long period for paying the flight bookings? Have you used other airlines for your Schengen Visa application? Share your experiences below! I’d love to hear from you.


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