Hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, AirBnB flats. Whatever your preferred lodging is, I believe that a good place to stay is important in your travels. And a reliable website where you can book your hotels is also equally important. So far, I’ve only talked about and AirBnb. Today, I introduce you to hotel bookings via TripHobo. If you need hotel bookings for your visa application, you will definitely need TripHobo.

What is TripHobo?

TripHobo is an innovative trip planning platform that enables users to plan trips from over 14000 cities across the world. TripHobo’s trip planning platform serves as one-stop destination for all the travel needs- exploring attractions, creating itineraries and booking hotels, transportation and tours. They have a database of more than 700,000 hotels, villas, apartments, and more. With TripHobo, you can easily read the hotel reviews made on TripAdvisor without having to change tabs because the reviews will be displayed to you on the TripHobo page. And the best thing about hotels on TripHobo is that most offer FREE CANCELLATION. This can be very handy if your travel plans change and you have to cancel a hotel you just booked. Additionally, you can use TripHobo for hotel bookings for your visa application.

Booking with TripHobo is easy! Just type in your destination and your check in and check out dates. Here’s an example of a booking for London from May 01 to May 07, 2016.

After hitting search, TripHobo gave me the following results for hotels located in London on the dates I indicated.

You can use any of the filters TripHobo has provided (located on the left side of the screen) or arrange the results depending on Popularity, Price, Distance by City Center, and TripAdvisor Rating. Let’s choose one of the hotels and see what’s inside each hotel listing page.

Like any other hotel booking site, once you open up the hotel listing, you’ll see the standard information for the hotel. You have its location, nearby landmarks, and photos of the hotel and its amenities.

From the same page, you can check which rooms are still available, what their rates are, and other inclusions. Take for example the Shared Dormitory listing above. For $22.06, you can book one night in this dormitory and you even have free wireless internet. But before booking, check its policy. It indicates that it is non-refundable. You can click on the Cancellation Policy link on the right to read the policy.

Take note that for the same bed in the same dorm, there is another price listed. For $23.22, you can get the same accommodation and it’s refundable. Again, checking the Cancellation Policy, you’ll see that for the higher price, you are able to refund the booking in case your plans change. If you are deadset in your plans, you can book the lower priced one. But if you feel that you will be changing your plans or that you are just booking for your visa application, then go for the refundable option.

Another thing to take note of is where you’ll be paying. Some hotels would ask you to be already upon booking while others will ask you to pay at the hotel. For the example above, the hotel is already asking you to pay upon booking. In the example below, with another hotel, the customer will have to pay at the hotel and no charge will be made during the booking process.

On the same hotel listing page, you can read the reviews left on TripAdvisor. Upon scrolling down, I noticed that TripHobo only displayed a certain number of reviews on their site. If you want to read more reviews, you can simply head on to TripAdvisor.

Below the reviews section is the Information tab which tells you more about the hotel you are viewing.

The hotel’s amenities are also listed in detail in the next tab. Read this carefully to check if the hotel you are viewing has the facility or amenity that you require for your stay.

Lastly, the bottom portion displays other relevant information and hotel policies. Please read this part as well because they may be requiring additional fees or not allowing certain activities within the hotel premises.

Booking with TripHobo is easy and the process is pretty much the same as that of other booking sites like,, and others. But the difference with those sites and TripHobo is that you can book your hotels with TripHobo and plan your itinerary with them as well. That makes it so much easier to plan trips for yourself or for your friends and family and also makes it easier for your visa application!

Have you experienced booking a hotel or planning a trip with TripHobo? Do you have a favorite hotel booking site? Share your experience below! Got any questions? Post them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer your inquiries.

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