The UK visa requirements are basically the same requirements for the Schengen visa. Here is the list of requirements for your reference: UK Visa Document Requirements.

Here’s what I submitted for my application:

1. A current and valid travel document or passport

2. One passport size colour photograph: Make sure it complies with the guidelines set by the UKBA. The guidelines are also in the document requirements list (click on the hyperlink in the PDF file).

3. Previous passports

4. Evidence of your current employment or studies: For this, I submitted the following: (a) certificate of employment with compensation from our HR, printed on paper with the company letterhead, (b) letter of approved leaves which I drafted myself and had my bosses sign, (c) photocopies of my payslips (I photocopied at least a year’s worth of payslips), and (d) photocopy of my ITR.

5. Bank statements: six months worth of bank transaction history printed from my online banking accounts, photocopies of my UITF certificates, credit card statements, and photocopies of two of my time deposit accounts. The total “show money” amount I showed did not even reach half a million pesos. It was just enough to fund a trip to London for 5 days and two weeks for Paris and Rome, plus just a wee bit more. For my show money, I simply followed my personal rules for the Schengen Visa Show Money. You can refer to that guide for the UK visa application because the same principle applies.

6. Bank certificates: Bank certificates of the abovementioned accounts, except for the credit cards.

7. Payslips

8. Tax returns

9. Hotel booking confirmation printed from I submitted my bookings for Paris and Rome as well so that they’ll see that I’ll be leaving the UK and move on to a Schengen area. You can check my post on making hotel bookings for applying for a Schengen visa. That’s what I also did when I applied for the UK visa (which I actually did first).

10. Completed visa application form: accomplished online, printed, and signed

11. Planned itinerary: I just prepared a simple day-to-day itinerary and even included my itinerary for Paris and Rome.

12. The flight booking and the travel insurance are not in the list but I submitted them anyway since I already had them for my Schengen visa application. Moreover, I was thinking that they could probably up my chances of being granted a visa since it would show I was to travel to the Schengen area after visiting London.

When you submit your requirements at the VFS office, you will be given a checklist of the documents you submitted. There are two columns (as far as I can remember). One column says Original and one column says Copy. Since all of the documents I submitted were copies (except for my passport), I checked them all under the Copy column. There’s also a space provided in the checklist for listing documents which you submitted in addition to what has already been listed. One of the documents listed is the Birth Certificate (which is not in the list of requirements. I was told by the VFS officer that it was fine if I am unable to submit it.

With the above documents, I was granted a multiple entry visit visa valid for six months. The wait only took 7 working days.

I would like to note that hotel bookings, flight bookings, and credit card statements are not required to be submitted so DON’T submit them UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED!

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So now that you’ve completed all your document requirements, it’s time to head on to my other post on the application and visa claiming process. Can’t sleep because you don’t know if your application was approved? Maybe my other post on my experience of getting an approved UK visa can help put your mind at ease.


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